How We Partner

Great River Greening has partnered with over 600 public and private entities, including cities, counties, and community groups. Our mission is to empower communities to stewardship and restoration by providing matching funds, ecological expertise, project management, and community engagement.

We choose projects based on our conservation priorities, the contribution we can make, and its ecological and community significance, among other factors.

We work best when we can develop long-term relationships to meet immediate ecological restoration needs and support ongoing management through the years.

For these relationships, we bring core competencies that distinguish us from other nonprofits: highly trained ecological staff, a dynamic community and youth involvement program; and a collaborative philosophy that includes no advocacy. In addition, we help to leverage funds from sources like the State of Minnesota Environmental Trust Fund and the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

Our work with Scott County is a great example of a strong partnership, where over the years Greening has provided a full spectrum of assistance.  Read more in our partnership profile