Annual Business Forum Delves into Health Care

“The Future of Health Care” is the subject of Great River Greening’s tenth annual Business Forum, featuring remarks from Andrea Walsh, CEO and President of HealthPartners.

Addressing nearly 300 seasoned and aspiring business leaders, Walsh will speak on health care issues related to costs, access, and service quality in the midst of changing political, social, and economic climates.

WHEN: Thursday, October 19, 2017 7:15AM-9:15AM

WHERE: McNamara Alumni Center Memorial Hall, 200 Oak St. SE, Minneapolis

Leading by Example

Based in Bloomington, Minnesota, HealthPartners is the largest consumer governed nonprofit health care system in the country. It serves more than 1.5 million medical and dental health plan members nationwide and 1 million patients, with more than 50 primary care clinics and six hospitals.

Walsh took over as CEO in June 2017, just a few months after HealthPartners became the first Minnesota member of the Health Care Climate Council, a leadership network of hospitals committed to strengthening the health sector’s response to climate change.

The nonprofit had already taken up several green initiatives, including organics waste recycling, solar powered clinics, and safe medication disposal. It was the winner of the 2016 Practice Greenhealth System for Change Award and the recipient of a state award from the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation for leadership in sustainability.

By joining the Council, HealthPartners agrees that hospitals have a unique opportunity to make the connection between climate change and human health and must lead by example. Walsh will speak on this topic and others that are affecting business at the core level.

“Health care affects all of us – personally and as business professionals. I look forward to hearing how HeathPartners is transforming the health care field, particularly in today’s political and economic climate. The Business Forum does a wonderful job bringing together a great mix of people and leading a thoughtful discussion. I learned from Dave St. Peter last year, and I look forward to an even better time at the 2017 Business Forum.” Justin Hagen, EDCO, 2016 Business Forum Attendee

The Great River Greening Business Forum explores today’s most pressing business-related issues, with insights and stories from Fortune 500 CEOs and a lively Q&A,  facilitated this year by Rick Kupchella, former news anchor, serial entrepreneur, and founder of i.e. network.

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