Board Manual

Roles and Responsibilities Board Job Description | Board Annual Engagement Plan | Board List | Committee Matrix | Board Terms with Committees | Board Contact List | Conflicts of Interest Policy | Relationships Statement"
Legal Documents Bylaws (amended 2014) | Incorporation Papers | Exempt Status"
Financial Overview Financial Overview |Income Statement and Balance Sheet (most recent month) | Project Financials/example of project status report | Financial primer | Fiscal Policies & Procedures"
Current Year Budget"
Fundraising Overview Contributions by Type | Contributions Source | Total Contributed Income by Year | Revenue Comparison to other Nonprofita | About the Gala | About the Business Forum"
Human Resources Overview Organizational Chart | Example of performance review form | Employee Manual/Personnel Policies"
History of Great River Greening History | Conservation Volunteer Article | Our geographic coverage map"
Mission Vision Values 2018/2020 Strategic Plan | Metrics Report (example) | Brand Positioning Statement | Brand Guidelines | Great River Greening FAQs"
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Annual Reports"