Watershed Outreach Program of the Year

Great River Greening is honored to be the recipient of the Watershed Outreach Program of the Year Award from Capitol Region Watershed District

The award is given to an organization that has demonstrated through its policies, practices or projects a commitment to Capitol Region Watershed District’s (CRWD) mission to protect, manage and improve water resources of the District by connecting residents to clean water practices through education, art and other means.

CRWD cited Great River Greening’s Field Learning For Teens service learning program as the reason for the award. The program is focused on introducing and educating youth of color about environmental science, green jobs, and the role they can play in protecting and conserving our natural resources.
“Capitol Region Watershed District is fortunate to partner with so many dedicated individuals and organizations working for clean water.  Together, our work is more effective and meaningful,”

-Mark Doneux, administrator of CRWD.