Million Milkweed Challenge 2017

Thu, September 07 - Wed, October 18
Seven County Metro Area - St. Paul

Join Great River Greening’s Million Milkweed Challenge!

Collect milkweed seeds and help us spread this rich pollinator attractor across important spaces for imperiled pollinators like the monarch butterfly.

Pollinators (including wasps, bumble bees, beetles, butterflies, and more!) are an important part of our own food production and for plant reproduction throughout Minnesota and the world. Unfortunately, pollinator populations like those of bumble bees and monarch butterflies have been falling in the U.S. for decades, but you can play a major part in their future.

25 pods per volunteer x 200 seeds per pod x 200 volunteers = 1 million milkweed seeds!

In 2016, volunteers collected nearly 500,000 milkweed seeds of various species – help us reach the one million seed marker this fall!

Important: Milkweed Collection 101


What is the Million Milkweed Challenge?
Great River Greening and volunteers will collect milkweed seed, properly care for and store them, and deliver them to Great River Greening. Our goal is to reach one million milkweed seeds to then propagate and plant or spread as seed to create more and stronger habitat for monarchs and other pollinators. (See Milkweed Collection 101 for more information on how to identify, collect, store, and deliver seed)
Who can get involved?
Anyone and everyone! This challenge is for individuals, families, school groups, church groups, community groups – you name it! Register below if you’re interested in joining in on this important work.
When can seeds be collected?
Seeds are ripe and ready when the pods start to ‘pop’ or break open. This is generally mid to late September. (See Milkweed Collection 101 for more information)
Where can seeds be collected?
Great River Greening is compiling seed collected from the seven Metro Counties and from within the Anoka Sand Plain region. Great River Greening is not providing property on which volunteers can collect seed. We ask that you collect milkweed seed where you find it on your walks or in your yard.(see Milkweed Collection 101 for more information).
What do I do with the seeds?
Seeds can be dropped off at our fall public events or at the Great River Greening office in Saint Paul at 35 West Water Street, 55107. Drop off dates are: October 10th and 18th from 3pm to 6pm, and October 12th from 7am to 1pm. Or contact our Outreach Coordinator May Yang:  (See Milkweed Collection 101 for more information on how to identify, collect, store, and deliver seed)
How do I get involved? How do I learn more?
Register for the challenge through the form below and read Milkweed Collection 101 prior to collecting seed.

Thank you for helping us reach a million!

Questions? Contact our volunteer team or call our office at (651) 665-9500.

This project is made possible with support from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Butler Family Foundation.

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