Buckthorn Bust at Wolsfeld Woods SNA

Sat, October 14
9:30 am - 1:30 pm
Wolsfeld Woods - Long Lake

Volunteers Needed: 100
Supervisors Needed: 15

Pull invasive buckthorn from the best remaining metro-area example of the Big Woods habitat that once covered south-central Minnesota.

Wolsfeld Woods is a Minnesota-owned Scientific and Natural Area, set aside to protect the natural plant and animal community and for scientific and educational purposes.  The large sugar maples in that dominate this 221-acre parcel should be showing their colors during this event.

The closed canopy created by the huge trees in these woods allows only the most shade-tolerant shrubs and fords to survive, and wild flowers must bloom in early spring while the sun still reaches the forest floor -all the more important we bust the early growing buckthorn!

Partners & Funders: Minnesota Environment and Natural Resource Trust Fund, Friends of Wolsfeld Woods, and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Some considerations:

  • Difficulty – Moderate: Volunteers will walk 1/2 mile to work site. Some areas are steep.
  • Snacks are provided throughout the morning and a late lunch will be served at 1:00 pm

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