VST – School Programs Part 2 Satisfaction Survey


Thank you for joining us last Wednesday, September 5th at the the first ever Volunteer Supervisor Training for School Programs Part 2.

This training was in-field and very hands-on and had a goal of teaching Supervisor participants the ins and outs of each of our four current activities brought to Field Learning for Teens. Including: steps to conduct each activity, tools and resources, and the educational topics to be discussed. Because this was our first training of this kind, we want to know your thoughts.

We appreciate your feedback and your dedication to furthering the Volunteer Supervisor Team!

– The Great River Greening Team


  • Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following:

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  • Share ideas about anything that was missing/insufficient (tools, topics, etc.), additional things you would like to see, etc.
  • Thank you so much for your comments. Your feedback on your experience is very important to us and to the future of the Supervisor and Field Learning for Teens programs.
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