PHOTO OP: General Mills volunteers hike to Great River Greening planting event


PHOTO OP: General Mills volunteers hike to Great River Greening planting event to celebrate 65 years of giving

 [October 7, 2018 Saint Paul] More than 100 General Mills employees will leave the World Headquarters in Golden Valley on Tuesday, hike through campus and down the road to Westwood Hills Nature Center, to plant pollinator friendly plugs and seeds in plots along the lake.

The daylong effort is part of General Mills Foundation 65th anniversary celebration, which is being commemorated by way of a grant series that includes $100,000 to Great River Greening, to create pollinator projects across the state.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Employees will work in two shifts noon-2:30, 2:00-4:30. Time frame includes walking time from GM campus

WHY: General Mills Foundation 65th anniversary

WHAT:100 General Mills employees will first cross Wayzata Blvd, on foot, and then plant seeds and plugs along Westwood Lake.

WHERE: The farthest northern point of Westwood Lake. Entry is on Wayzata Blvd across from Rudy Luther Toyota (not main park entrance)

According to Great River Greening Executive Director Deborah Karasov, along with the nature center in St. Louis Park, the grant supports pollinator projects in a school forest in Clear Lake, a nature preserve in Chanhassen, and a corridor in Vermillion Township adjacent to a farm managed by the Hmong American Farm Association.

She said:

“We are grateful to General Mills Foundation for this enlightened gift, and to the employees, who, for many years, have been terrific volunteer partners on our restoration work. These pollinator projects truly are a celebration of  ‘giving back’. The plants will not only feed our pollinators and create a more beautiful natural area, they will produce seed for generations to come.”

Mary Jane Laird, Executive Director of the General Mills Foundation, said:

“We are so pleased that these Great River Greening pollinator projects will help commemorate General Mills Foundation’s 65th anniversary in a beautiful manner that will leave an ongoing legacy of impact.”

Not GM employees’ first walk in the park

General Mills’s employees have been working with Great River Greening, in Westwood Hills, since 2014. Hundreds of volunteers have removed acres of buckthorn and other woody invasive species from beneath a canopy that includes bur oak, red oak, white oak, hackberry, and sugar maple.

Westwood Hills Nature Center is a 160-acre natural oasis set in the midst of a busy urban area. Westwood Lake is the focal point of the nature center. The lake is surrounded by a variety of native habitats including cattail marsh, shrub carr, oak savanna, and maple basswood woodlands

About Great River Greening

Great River Greening is a local conservation nonprofit working throughout Minnesota to empower and assist local communities in restoring and conserving the land and water that enrich our lives. Since 1995, we have worked side-by-side with 40,000 volunteers to protect, restore and care for Minnesota’s natural heritage—18,000 acres and counting. Through active participation and acquired expertise, volunteers become advocates with a deep connection to the land and water.