Great River Greening restoring healthy land and waters

Great River Greening is a local conservation nonprofit working throughout Minnesota to empower and assist local communities in restoring and conserving the land and water that enrich our lives.

For 21 years, we have worked side-by-side with 40,000 volunteers to improve, restore and care for Minnesota’s natural heritage—18,000 acres and counting. Minnesota is home to some of the most beautiful waterways, trails, city parks, and wildlife areas in the country. And as Minnesotans, we love the outdoors.

Unfortunately, new threats challenge our environment every day and we’re in a constant race against time. Rare habitats, like the endangered oak savanna, are infested with invasive plants and pests; urban parks and recreation areas are deteriorating in quality and scale; our water quality is alarmingly poor, with more than 40% of Minnesota’s waterways no longer drinkable, swimmable, or fishable; and finally, our pollinators, which bring us one-third of the food we eat, are in urgent decline.

Moreover, our children are going to inherit this precarious legacy and they’re almost completely disconnected from nature.

Studies show a staggering 38% of Minnesota’s youth do not participate in a single outdoor activity throughout the year. And this number gets drastically worse among youth of color. With enough financial support, Great River Greening will achieve the following, in the coming year:

1. Restore 1,000 acres of prairie habitat sustaining pollinators that are critical to our food supply chain

2. Rebuild nearly 300 acres of local parks, where recreational activities are enjoyed by all

3. Improve 20 critical bodies of water throughout Minnesota, that are both a fishing and scenic resource

4. Most importantly, inspire 700 kids and teens to experience hands-on learning in the field