Minnehaha Creek renewal among new west metro projects

Great River Greening and The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) are partners for restoration of MCWD lands, thanks to substantial support from both Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund and The Outdoor Heritage Fund.

MCWD protects the lakes, rivers, and streams located in the parts of Minneapolis and its western suburbs that drain into the Minnehaha Creek and eventually the Mississippi River. It covers 81 square miles and includes Minnehaha Creek, Lake Minnetonka, the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, and Minnehaha Falls.

Minnehaha Falls H. Issadeed cc flickr

Minnehaha Creek Falls

A highlight of the collaboration will be working on The Minnehaha Greenway,  an impressive multi-year endeavor to improve one of the most degraded sections of the creek. So far, MCWD has returned a more natural meander to the creek, restored wetlands to deter runoff, and added boardwalk and trails for public access .  Great River Greening will partner with the District and the City of St. Louis Park to involve the community to enhance the habitat.

“The vast expanse and populous of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed provides great opportunities to affect water quality on a large scale and connect with new communities, particularly the young stewards of tomorrow.” -Deborah Karasov,  Great River Greening executive director.

Minnehaha Creek Greenway

Full Minnehaha Greenway plan – at MCWD website

Other Projects planned in partnership with MCWD:

  • Education and Engagement: Facilitate field learning for youth, effective education programs, and community stewardship on MCWD lands.
  • Ecological Expertise: Great River Greening staff will refine and implement natural resource management in key conservation corridors, Painter and Six Mile creeks.