Private Event Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Great River Greening! Volunteer stewardship experiences are beneficial to companies, employees, and the community. A corporate volunteer project can result in greater employee morale, increased job satisfaction, enhanced corporate image, and stronger connections between a company and its community. Volunteer experiences can also be great team building and community engagement opportunities.

Join us at one of our public events, or let us tailor a private event to you! Read the descriptions below to identify the best option for you. If a private event best fits your needs, please fill out the Private Event Inquiry form below!

Public Restoration Event

Corporate volunteers work as a unit within a larger public event. See our current Event Calendar for upcoming events. A light breakfast, snacks, and lunch are provided at all public restoration events.

Sponsorship Amount: Free!

Most suitable for:
– Companies who match employee volunteer hours
– Employees who wish to volunteer with family or friends

Private Restoration Event

We will work directly with your group to organize an exclusive 3-4 hour volunteer event. You choose a work site from our project list and we tailor the event to your needs. Refreshments aside from water are not provided, but can be included for an additional cost. Any rentals needed for the site will be in addition to the sponsorship amount.

Sponsorship Amount:
$600 (Group size: up to 15 volunteers)
$1,200 (Group size: 16 – 45 volunteers)*
* Prices vary for events larger than 45 volunteers.

Most suitable for:
– Small businesses or departments
– Groups who wish to volunteer during the work week

If a private event is what you are looking for, please complete the form below and a Greening staff member will contact you shortly.

Private Event Inquiry Form

    What are you looking for in a private event or service opportunity?
    Great River Greening has a wide variety of opportunities that run the gamut of conservation activities. We will do our best to meet your preferences, but the activities available during any given time are ultimately determined by the conservation priorities at our sites.
  • Do you have a specific date in mind? Or specific days of the week? Perhaps only a specific time of the year?
  • A typical habitat restoration event is three to four hours long and includes both service work time and breaks for water and educational question and answer sessions.
  • Our project sites are spread throughout the greater Twin Cities area. Where would you prefer to hold your event? E.g. a city, county, watershed district, or even a maximum driving distance from your groups location.
  • Our projects have a wide range of needs, please let us know what types of projects your group would be willing to assist with. Note: this list may not cover all tasks available. Select all that apply.
  • Some locations and activities can me more demanding than others. Select all that apply.
    Financial Support
    Private events are fee based: $600 for up to 15 participants, $1,200 for 16 to 45 participants. Prices vary for larger groups. Included in all Great River Greening events are: the tools to complete the restoration tasks, safety materials (e.g. gloves, safety glasses), a portable restroom, drinking water, GRG staff to prepare and host the event, training on tasks, education on the importance of the restoration work at your event.