Restoring Wild Rice along the Wild & Scenic Rum River

Great River Greening is leading a push to restore pockets of wild rice habitat, targeting the Rum River watershed.

Wild rice is an aquatic grass, high in protein. It is a critical food source for ducks and geese, and it nourished American Indians in the MN region for thousands of years. It was designated as the official state grain symbol in 1977, but has been declining in Minnesota for decades, largely because of the loss of native wetlands.

Over the next three years, Great River Greening and our partners will restore 100 acres of wild rice along the backwaters and oxbow lakes of the Rum River and in wetlands on DNR Wildlife Management Areas within the watershed. The effort will help reverse the decline and restore an essential piece of Minnesota’s cultural and natural heritage.

Your matching dollars are needed for this important work

Funding for the project is provided by Minnesota’s Outdoor Heritage Fund and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation We need your matching dollars to continue the work. Please donate now or contact Rob Nygaard at 651-665-9500 x18 or