Video – Seven Mile Creek restoration


October 2015: Great River Greening recently advanced our efforts to restore land and water in rural Minnesota, first, by bringing our successful community program to the Seven Mile Creek Watershed, then, by expanding to other watersheds and developing an Agricultural Watersheds Advisory Committee.

This fall, more than 80 volunteers spent two days on farms in St. Peter to restore water quality to Seven Mile Creek, a popular local trout stream.

In one field, 30 volunteers waded through ankle deep mud to plant prairie cordgrass rhizomes in a drainage ditch. This will become a demonstration site to observe how the grass could both reduce erosion and produce a potential revenue-producing biomass crop.

In another, about 50 volunteers hauled and stacked woody invasive plants from a ravine, to help create a better filter for runoff water before it enters Seven Mile Creek. This farm is enrolled into the Conservation Reserve Program.

In the Video, Watershed Coordinator, Karen Galles, explains our conservation work in the area.