Software Survey

As you know, training is a part of our organizational development plan for 2018-2020. Please fill out the survey below to help us in our plans going forward.

Thank you.

Software Survey

  • Using the dropdown menu under each software program, please rate as follows:

    CRITICALSoftware you use often and need to know well in order to do your job at GRG.

    LEAST CRITICAL/DOESN'T APPLY: You have enough skill already for how you use the software; or you don’t use it.

    WOULD LIKE TRAINING: Knowing this software better will help you do your job at GRG.

  • The software I am using increases my efficiency in accomplishing my job at GRG (outside the project database GRG plans to implement in 2018)
  • Do you have suggestions for software tools or software training that would be beneficial for GRG to implement that are not on the above list-if so, please add them here.
  • Please share any other other thoughts have about software tools or training at GRG?