Video: Field Learning For Teens 2016

Field Learning for Teens

Great River Greening helps hundreds of young people every year become the stewards of tomorrow by providing opportunities for hands-on and immersive instruction. Field Learning For Teens is a service learning program focused on introducing and educating at-risk youth about environmental science, green jobs, and the role they can play in protecting and conserving our natural resources. Through field activities and team-building, youth learn about the role of technology and science in enjoying and improving our environment; acquire specific skills in the field activities; explore environmental science and technology careers; expand their horizons in seeking opportunities for further education, involvement, and employment. Sessions are held each spring and fall.


  • Engage at-risk youth in topics related to environmental science, the economic value of biodiversity, leadership and community service, and career development skills.
  • Teach youth about challenges facing land and water and the role of science in society today.
  • Provide hands-on activities related to conservation at one of many natural areas throughout the Metro.
  • Provide exposure to Greening scientists and other green job professionals through Greening’s corporate sponsors and professional network