Volunteer Supervisor loves the rewarding work

“Every time I volunteer with Great River Greening, I come away with a great feeling!”

-Volunteer Supervisor Sandi Wagner.

Sandi Wagner Fish Creek- Lars R Samuelsson

Sandi Wagner (green vest) hauled buckthorn at Fish Creek Open Space. Sandi became a volunteer supervisor in 2013 and said, “I love being a supervisor! Great River Greening trained me in exactly what to do. We instruct the volunteers, but after that we are more cheerleaders for the rest of the day.
I like the people I meet and it’s all very satisfying.”

From her first encounter with a staff ecologist speaking on red and white oaks, Sandi Wagner has been impressed with Great River Greening’s expert approach to protecting our land and water.

When she decided to step up her volunteer commitments, choosing to become a volunteer supervisor for Great River Greening was an obvious choice:

“The large-scale volunteer events are professional and we really get a lot done! I find that very rewarding. And I leave with a sense of ownership and connectedness to very beautiful places. Only doing this sort of work can give you that.”

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