Volunteer Supervisors are the gears of our restoration events

No question, every Great River Greening volunteer is super. But there are those that standout even among the greats: Our dedicated team of Volunteer Supervisors – they are the gears of our restoration events.

Volunteer Supervisors lead small groups of volunteers, made up every age and ability, to ensure each one understands the tools and techniques, and has fun.  This past Earth Day, for instance, 350 volunteers came out help restore Bushaway Road in Wayzata. More than 25 supervisors amplified the effort of Great River Greening’s Volunteer Manager Katie Brom, which allowed for people’s safety and enjoyment while working along a busy highway. All told, 62 supervisors led 750 volunteers this past spring, many of them coming to multiple events.

They also provide the sort of one-on-one coaching and instruction that sparks real interest in stewardship. At our Field Learning for Teens events, they do even more by leading high schools students in hands-on learning about the science and techniques of environmental restoration.

“Volunteer Supervisors join the team for a variety of reasons,” said Katie. “Many of them enjoy teaching and motivating others to be passionate about the environment. Others want the leadership training and to build their resumes. The team is made up of really unique people, all willing to share their time and talent to make sure other volunteers have a meaningful experience and the restoration work done is of high quality.”

Anyone is welcome to become a Supervisor; no previous knowledge or experience is required. Great River Greening provides training.
Next Supervisor training:

Sat, August 26 10AM to noon at the St. Louis Park Library. Space is limited! 

What Volunteer Supervisors say about their experience:

“I love working with passionate people!” – Georgiann
”I love this organization – there is no doubt that after an event, those who have volunteered for that event go home more informed, more engaged and aware and have a better sense of place and community.” – Penny
“Great gear, good spirit and clear instructions. The naturalist education is an added bonus! GRG is my favorite conservation group for volunteers and tangible results.”- Craig
“From planning and prepping the events, to giving the supervisors and volunteers the information they need for the site and event – GRG does a fantastic job!” – Fitzie