Volunteer Supervisors

Volunteer Supervisors are the gears of Great River Greening’s events. They take leadership roles at volunteer events and ensure participants are safe, completing quality work, and having fun!

What is a Volunteer Supervisor?

As mentioned, Volunteer Supervisors lead, motivate, and educate small groups of volunteers at Great River Greening’s volunteer events. They’re the gears of our events and the faces of Great River Greening to the general public!

Volunteer Supervisors are from all types of backgrounds, have varied experience levels, and range in age from under 20 to over 80!

How do I join the team?

Our Volunteer Supervisors tell us it’s tremendously satisfying to help others learn about the environment while making tangible improvements to our urban landscape. Anyone is welcome to join our Volunteer Supervisor Team, but a training is required.

Am I qualified?
Volunteer Supervisor Training Basics
About the Adult and Family Programs Training
About the School Programs Training
Upcoming Training Dates

What is required?

Duties at Events
Time Commitments
Qualities of a Good Supervisor


Do I have to take the training?
How do I register for events?
Do I need to bring my own tools?
I left something at an event! What do I do now?
I took the Volunteer Supervisor Training prior to 2018, what's new?


Questions? Contact Katie Brom at (651) 272-3989 or kbrom@greatrivergreening.org.