Partnership Profile

Partnership Profile

Great River Greening strives to develop effective, mutually-beneficial relationships with our partners to meet their long-term ecological restoration needs.

For all our partner relationships, we utilize Greening’s core competencies that distinguish us from other nonprofits: highly trained ecological staff, a dynamic community and youth involvement program; and a collaborative philosophy that includes no advocacy.

In addition, we help to leverage funds from sources like the State of Minnesota Environmental Trust Fund and the Outdoor Heritage Fund. Together, we craft solutions to achieve their stated goals, often identifying financial resources to bring to the project, providing ecological expertise, and/or engaging the community when appropriate. We have partnered with hundreds of public and private entities across Minnesota, forging long-term relationships and offering ecological and community assistance that will support their ongoing management through the years.

Scott County is one such example, where over the years Greening has provided a full spectrum of assistance to its natural areas and parks:

Great River Greening wrote and designed a brochure to announce a Natural Areas Legacy program Scott County unveiled in 2009. The material identified important natural area corridors, along with cost-share and incentive opportunities that were available to landowners to implement land stewardship practices.
Planning for the Natural Areas Legacy Program
Greening contributed to a stewardship report for the county, in collaboration with the Minnesota Land Trust. Our ecologists outlined the long-term financial obligations associated with protecting natural areas, including stewardship of the land and administrative management of easements.
Implementation of Restoration
At Spring Lake Regional Park, a new park of 400 acres with great diversity and high quality natural communities, Great River Greening has helped the county in three phases of restoration and enhancement, bringing resources from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, providing restoration oversight, and engaging hundreds of volunteers in ongoing stewardship events. For Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park, which is spectacularly situated along the shoreline of Cedar Lake, Greening has begun the work of implementing inlet channel reconfiguration, wetland restoration, and shoreline planting by volunteers.
Leveraging of Resources
 In total, Great River Greening helped to support the restoration work by leveraging resources from state funding sources. So far this has amounted to over $160,000.The partnership with Scott County builds on Greening’s deep understanding of the management needs of Minnesota’s native ecosystems, crafted through more than 50 years of on-the-ground experience.

We Can Help You

It is our mission to help communities, and that means being a partner in critical decisions, and embracing and supporting community and ecological goals. Talk to us soon for any projects you are considering!

Our Strengths

  • Highly trained ecological staff
  • A dynamic community and youth involvement program
  • A collaborative philosophy
  • Ability to leverage state funding resources

Our Services

  • Strategic partnership development and planning
  • Development of stewardship and land management reports
  • Ecological restoration oversight and implementation
  • Coordination of community volunteer stewardship events
  • Promotional support including brochure creation and media coordination