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There are few purposes more important to us than to restore wonder in the world around us.

Great River Greening is an environmental conservation nonprofit working throughout Minnesota with a mission to inspire and lead local communities in restoring and conserving the land and water that enrich our lives. As Minnesota’s leader in community-based restoration, devoted solely to stewardship, we engage volunteers on a scale no other environmental organization can match. Nearly 40,000 volunteers have worked with us, side-by-side, to improve, restore and care for Minnesota’s natural heritage—17,500 acres and counting. More


Pollinator recovery in Central Minnesota

Great River Greening is partnering with key pollinator experts and landowners on plans for a 19-county pollinator recovery project along …
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Spring Restoration Events

Get your hands dirty and join community efforts to plant native trees, remove invasive plants, and more! …
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Restoring our city and regional parks

Our parks are in a state of rapid decline; they’re overrun by invasive plants and pests, they struggle to sustain …
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