There are few purposes more important to us than to restore wonder in the world around us.

Great River Greening began in 1995 as a massive five-year volunteer planting project on the Saint Paul riverfront, where 10,000 volunteers and 450 organizations helped plant 35,000 trees and shrubs. With your support, we have grown to be Minnesota’s restoration leader, mobilizing communities to conserve our most critical natural areas, lakes, and rivers.

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Advancing our work in agricultural watersheds

Great River Greening recently advanced our efforts to restore land and water in rural Minnesota, first, by bringing our successful community program to the Seven Mile Creek Watershed, then, by expanding to other watersheds and developing an Agricultural Watersheds Advisory


Eighth annual Business Forum a success

The 2015 Great River Greening Business Forum was a great success, bringing together 300 business professionals and community leaders to hear Jay Lund, CEO of Andersen Corporation, speak about ‘The Green Home of the Future.”

“The technology and processes are changing rapidly as we learn more about what it takes to build a sustainable, energy-efficient home. Any time you are on the cutting edge in construction, it tends to cost more rather than less. In order to allow us to push the envelope and create a more sustainable home, the help of our corporate partners is critical, it’s very important.” Jay Lund, from a Finance and Commerce article by Brian Johnson about the Business Forum, 10/ 23/15


Two great 20 Year Anniversary events center on community engagement

Double the fun! Our 20th anniversary community events were held in tandem to the kick-off two new parks in Saint Paul, where Great River Greening volunteers will work over the next few years to plant flowers and trees. The first